Saturday, February 25, 2012

December 13, 1905

From: Joseph Gleasure, The Square, Listowel
To: Frank Gleasure, 33 Arden Street, Massachusetts

My Dear Brother,

I hope you are well and strong as we all are at home. I have not much of interest to say, only just sending the Christmas greetings. I am sending you some pictures I took with my camera. I have our pictures taken, but they aren't finished yet.

I expect you will take me out to America about next March or April. I would not stop here any longer, I am totally sick of it. If I stopped here any longer I would be getting too old nearly to be taken in an office. I am always thinking of what kind of a job I would get after landing. I would like to be in the Excise or Customs or some job you would be sure of. I think it is easy to get into the Excise or any Government position. Any how, I must till I get over first and then I would know what would be best.

There is a funny lodging with us that is going to go to Boston or Philadelphia next Spring, so if you sent for me I could go with him. His name is Ned Dillon and is after coming back last summer from Chicago. His mother was a little touched in the head, so he came back to see how she was. She was carried to the Asylum last week, so now when she is alright, he is going back as soon as he can. He was tending a bar of his brother's in Chicago.

We have put up a new door inside the shop door that can be closed at night. It makes the shop very warm and keeps people from looking in.

There is a Rugby football team, mostly composed of farmers from New Zealand at present, touring the British Isles. They have beaten every team they played. They beat England, Ireland, Scotland, and all the leading teams. They will be playing Wales next Saturday, and I will send you a paper with the result so you may see their method of play. I don't believe there is a team in America could beat them. They let their opponents beyond their twenty-five yards line. The American football is very rough, and as an English lady said in describing it said it was like a street row to see them play.

Trade is fair now, but not being too busy. As I have no more of interest to write, I will close wishing you a right merry Christmas and a happy New Year,
I remain,
Your Loving Brother,
Joseph Gleasure

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