Monday, March 12, 2012

January 6, 1906

From: Joseph Gleasure, The Square, Listowel
To: Frank Gleasure, 33 Arden Street, Allston, Massachusetts

My Dear Brother,

We received all the presents which you sent. The unregistered ones got here the day after Christmas, and the registered ones arrived the 29th Dec. They were very nice and May and George were well pleased with theirs. I suppose you got our letters too alright. I suppose you remember all the pictures I sent you. There are not many pictures around here of interest to take. The old Castles are all knocked only the big ivy clad one. If the weather got clear I would take a good many pictures around here. You must have a nice clear sky to take pictures outside. I didn't finish our pictures yet. I am waiting to take Annie's before I send them. When I am going over I will take a good many as I go along. I could take places around Queenstown and on the ship and if I went to South Natick I could take a good many and send them back here.

We are going to get some cold weather here now. We always have fairly good weather up to Christmas, but then we get a good many hail storms for a month or so, then the weather gets mild again. I got the papers about the Civil Service and your pictures which were a good deal better than the last ones. The Railway mail service is a grand position and would answer me very well, but you must be 5 ft 6 in for it and I will never be that as I am a little over 5 ft 4 in at present but the Customs or Internal Revenue is just as good, but I would prefer the Railway mail service as you would have a chance to see the country. I suppose I will have to rough it for a while till I see the way of the country. I have no doubt but I will be alright after spending a year there. If I was to go this year, I would like to go about April. I couldn't stop in Listowel another year for anything.

None of the Connors are thinking of making a shift. They are all a drunken crowd, except Jim, who doesn't come to town at all. But James and John are always drunk in town. John was locked up for drunkness a week ago. Adam has four children now I think, and they are all well and strong out there. As I have no more of interest to write, I will close hoping this letter may find you in good health as we all are

I will remain
Your loving brother,
Joseph Gleasure

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