Friday, February 3, 2012

April 6, 1903

From: Annie Gleasure, Square, Listowel, Ireland
To: Frank Gleasure, 82 West Canton Street, Boston, Mass.

Dear Frank,

We have received your last letter and the papers and we are glad that you are doing so well. We are all well here at present. Joe has left school and is going to the college now, but May and George are still at the same school and are doing well. We have all grown quite a bit since you left. I am as tall as you were when you were here, and Joe is nearly as tall. There are not many changes here. The great storm that passed over here in February done consideberal damage around the town and surrounding country. Some of our tiles and slate were blown off and Carol's roof was broken to pieces. There were quite a number of trees blown down everywhere. There was an awful flood in the river last week and it came up as far as Behan's shed. It was raining almost every day last month. I suppose you must be enjoying some nice weather over there now. Pat Dillon's wife is quite settled down in her shop now and Pat has gone back to Cork to his barracks again. I thought at first that he was to stay in Listowel.

Adam and his people are quite well. He has bought a little donkey trap for his wife and three children.

We are still going to the Hall. There were two American evangelists, Mr. and Mrs. Sims there for a fortnight last month, showing two magic lanterns, one for the pictures and the other for the hymns and texts. Mrs. Sims sang beautifully every night. Father was up there a few times and he liked it very much. I am in the church choir now and I would like if you would send me some money to get some clothes with and I would be so thankful.

I have no more to say now, so I will close remaining
Yours Affectionately,
Annie Gleasure

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