Friday, February 17, 2012

April 9, 1905

From: Joseph Gleasure, Square, Listowel, Ireland
To: Frank Gleasure, 459 Cambridge Street, Allston, Massachusetts

Dear Brother,

I hope the arrival of this letter will find you in good health as we all are present. We got your last letter all right and I intended to write before now, but we were expecting a letter from you one of these days.

We have very poor weather for the time of the year that it is. The farmers have nothing set yet the ground is so wet. Ye must have grand weather over there now after the snow and cold. Ireland has the worst climate in the world nearly, there isn't a day but we have rain. I will be glad anyway when I leave it. I suppose I will only put down this year here, I will be 20 years old then and the 21st of this month I will be nineteen. I am getting on very well at school and I don't think I will go anymore after this term. We go through a certain course every year and it is nearly the same thing every year, so when I know the course I only have to make myself up on that and as you must do it yourself, it is as good to do it at home as in school, paying for the privilege of sitting down there.

There is a gymnasium erected in the Sports field now and in full swing for the past two months. They have an attendance of about 40 with Peter Buckley included. They have a barbell weighing 140 lbs. which Frank Buckley puts up three times and it gives their instructor enough to do to put it up once. Frank is fearful strong and he is only five feet six inches high. I suppose you didn't follow up the exercises ye used to do in the loft long ago. Peter told me you had terrible muscles. I am sticking to them all along and I will try to get a muscular picture taken in the summer when we go swimming and send it to you. I hope you won't forget to take your picture one of these days now as the summer is coming on. You know how much we all would like to see how you look, for you must have changed a good deal in the last four years. The camera I had got out of order so I sold it for half price, but I will try to get another for the summer. I am sending you some pictures that I had since last year and I dare say you will recognize them as soon as you see them, specially one of them. They are not very good ones for I was inexperienced when I took them but next time I expect to send some nice ones. In the picture of our house, you will no doubt recognize May and Georgie in their bare feet.

Adam and his folk are all well and grandfather and grandmother are quiet strong and well, but the old man is not as strong as when you saw him last. I suppose you don't go out to South Natick at all. I wrote to Miss Reardon last Autumn and I didn't hear from her since.

I suppose you would have time to make up some papers soon and send them. Those ones with the stories are very interesting. We are doing very good business all along and it is increasing every year.

As I have no more to say of interest I will

Your loving Brother,

Joseph Gleasure

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  1. I have certainly been enjoying these glimpses into the life of this family through your posts of their letters. Thank you for continuing this series.