Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January 24, 1903

From: Clara Nye Burr, 27 Glen Drive, South Natick, Massachusetts
To: Frank Gleasure

Dear Frank:

Your note of Jan. 4th was received the next day and I intended writing to say I was very glad that there was a prospect of your getting on the road as fireman, and eventually as Engineer - and I should have written sooner, but the day your letter came Neil was taken very ill - and the doctor pronounced it, in a couple of days - appendicitis, and he has been ill ever since, and is still in bed - as we have no trained nurse and no servant it has kept us pretty busy - I think Dr. [Story?] is going to bring him out all right without an operation -

Shields is having his midyear examinations this week and next at the Institute of Technology, which keeps him pretty busy.

George got on very quickly as fireman if I remember correctly.  I hope you won't have to wait long - we will all be very glad to hear of your success and shall hope to hear from you and see you when you can get an afternoon off.  If Shields and Neil were here, they would join me in sending regards -

Yours most sincerely

Clara Nye Burr

27 Glen Dr.
So Natick

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