Sunday, February 5, 2012

August 6, 1903

From: Joseph Gleasure, Square, Listowel, Ireland
To: Frank Gleasure, 59 Hopedal Street, Allston, Massachusetts

Dear Brother,

I hope the arrival of this letter will find you in good health, as we all are at present. We got your last letter and papers and the pins, which were very nice.

We had very bad weather up to the first of the month, but it is mending a little now.

May and George are out at Adam's house, so we have very quiet times at home.

I will be at home till the first of September too for the college won't open till then.

I think I won't learn any of the languages when I go back again, but go into the class where they teach you for the government jobs, such as the Customs, Civil Service and a good many more things, so I think I will learn for the Customs.

My father told me to ask you for some money to free my expenses while I am there. The charge per year is six pounds, so if you send anything I will be very thankful.

I suppose you saw Henry's brother Patty, because he went over a good while ago. Would you guess who is going over too this morning. Mike Keeffe and his son Jack and his daughter's child. They sold all they had and are just after going this morning.

I promised to send you some papers the last time I wrote, but I forgot all about it after but I won't forget this time.

As I have no more to say I will close, wishing you every success and hoping to be with you before long, I remain,
Your Affectionate Brother,

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