Wednesday, February 15, 2012

January 18, 1905

From: Joseph Gleasure, The Square, Listowel, Ireland
To: Frank Gleasure, 459 Cambridge Street, Allston, Massachusetts, USA

Dear Frank,

I am sorry I did not write before now but in thinking to write every day, the time has slipped away. I hope you are well as we all are too, and I suppose you have secured a good job by this time.

We had very pleasant weather all this winter till Christmas, but not we are getting very cold weather with heavy showers of hail. We got all the presents alright, but Georgie didn't get his lead soldiers at all that you said you sent him. The book you sent me was a very nice and interesting one, as well as the Bible stories which are very instructive to to May and George. Our school was opened again last week and I am going on very well there. I suppose a fellow would get a good job in an office in some big business place or other  with about four or five dollars a week for a start. I suppose a fellow would get a job like that easy, without much influence. Mr. Bailey, I think, would be able to get a fellow a nice job in an office like that, being acquainted with so many of those merchants in Boston.

Listowel has greatly changed for the last three or four years. All the fellows that were here in your time have all gone away. Peter Buckley seems to be the only one left now. Even the Carrolls near Kirby's and Jack Dooling are gone this week only. I only wish that I was going too. The country must be full of every class of foreigners after the cheap fares last year.

There don't seem to be enough of stamps on the letters you send, for there is five pence on nearly every letter that comes, and there was 1/3 sd on the Christmas cards you sent last Xmas.

I hope you won't forget to take your photograph soon and send it to us, for you know how much we would like to see you after four years absence. As I have not more to say at present, I will remain,

Your Loving Brother,
Joseph Gleasure

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