Wednesday, February 8, 2012

December 12, 1903

From: Joseph Gleasure, Square, Listowel, Ireland
To: Frank Gleasure, 459 Cambridge Street, Allston, Mass

Dear Brother, --

I hope the arrival of this letter will find you in health as we all are at present. I intended writing sooner, but the time slipped away before I knew it.

We have very bad weather at present. Every place is flooded with water, especially the low lands, and it is raining every day since last summer. This letter will hardly reach you before Christmas, for this day two weeks is Christmas Day. It is only by chance I got time to write, because I don't get out of school until about four o'clock and then it is very near dark and when I come home I must study my lessons.

The college is like a gentleman's house now. They could have collected L1,000 for the repairs and it is finished only the ground around it where they are making gravel walks. It is a great place for being taught if you want to learn.

I suppose it would be a bit difficult for me to get a job in some office over there when I go over first, if hadn't someone that knew me to speak for me but it is your smartness that will do everything for you now, I believe. In about two years time I would be well-fitted for America. I would be nineteen years old then, but it is a long time before I will be able to see South Natick.

I forgot all about writing to Miss Reardon too but I am writing to her now also. I suppose it will be after Christmas when she gets it. I am also sending her some Christmas cards.

Jim Enright (Bang) was killed some time ago. It seems he was in town drunk with a horse waiting for someone and while he was waiting he sat in the car with no reins and when the horse heard him getting in he started off galloping down the road and was pitched out near the bridge, and when he was found, he was dead. I suppose you are at the same job yet. I would often be thinking that if I learned some engineering trade, it would be better than office work and more times it would be the opposite way. All the same, a clerk has a fine, clean, life, but it could be very unhealthy in cities on account of the heat in summer, and being inside all day, very near.

I thought I would have this letter posted long ago, but we couldn't get the Christmas cards. They are not very good, but they will serve the purpose. May is also sending a handkerchief.

As it is so late, I won't send any cards to South Natick, but I will write to them after Christmas. I am after getting the Christmas Double Number of Boy's Friend and when I am done with it I will send along with some papers to you. As I have no more to say, I will close, wishing you a Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year.

I remain,
Your Affectionate Brother,
Joseph Gleasure

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