Saturday, February 18, 2012

June 30, 1905

From: Joseph Gleasure, The Square, Listowel
To: Frank Gleasure, 8 Wadsworth Street, Allston, Boston, Massachusetts

My Dear Brother,

I am very sorry I did not answer your letter sooner, but this was a busy week and I hadn't much time. I have vacation now too and I think I won't go back any more but study at home, and next Spring I will be thinking of joining you in Boston. Peter Buckley got a card and twenty pounds from his brother in Auckland and will be going there soon. His brother Dan met Dan Murphy and his sister in Chicago a short while ago.

Phil Hardon got married last Shrove and I think Nell Dooling is married to Mike Brown but they are keeping it secret.

We got all your letters and the bundles of papers alright. The papers are very interesting in summer about sports and athletics. Your pictures were very nice too you haven't changed very much only you seem to be very big, and the moustache suits you.

It is grand to be over there now in the summer where the climate is so beautiful. I suppose ye are getting very warm weather over there now. We had very warm weather too until this week we have occasional showers.

The fourth of July will be past when you get this letter. It will be a splendid day over there. The Irish who have gone over this year will see how they celebrate their national holiday over there. It is the best country in the world for any one to go to.

I am keeping at my Sandow exercises yet and have improved immensely all round. I have put on nearly two inches on my arms and about four inches in my chest since I began. My arms are nearly thirteen inches in circumference, my chest thirty eight expanded, and height only five feet four and a half inches. I can put up between sixty and seventy pounds four or five times with one hand. I suppose you have no time for exercising or swimming or anything. I suppose don't go out to South Natick at all now. The place must be all changed now, I suppose. If you go out any time, tell Miss Bailey or Miss Reardon to write to me. I wrote to them last Autumn, and I didn't hear from them yet. I suppose they are on their holidays now and gone away somewhere.

Trade and life is very dull in this town now. You have nothing to see only the same thing every day. There is one of the Carrolls thinking of going to Boston from New York, but he is waiting to get your new address. All the Carrolls that lived in the Square are gone since January, the old people and all.

Adam and his people are all well. He has three or four children now, and the old people are strong yet. All the Connors are at home yet too and have no notion of going anywhere. I will get some picture postcards with views of Listowel and send them on soon. Send some more papers when you are writing again.

As I have no more to say, I will close, hoping to meet you before another year. I will remain

Your Loving Brother,

Joseph Gleasure

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