Monday, February 20, 2012

December 3, 1905

From: George Gleasure, Listowel
To: Frank Gleasure, 33 Arden Street, Allston, Boston, Massachusetts

My Dear Frank,

I am writing you a few lines hoping you are in good health as we all are at present. They are all well at Tullig also. We got your papers some time ago and a package of postcards and was expecting a letter but did not get any. I was interested in some of the papers as there was sermons in them preached by those ministers in Boston. The Globe they were in. When I was there myself I used to get the Monday's Herald as it contained a great deal of them. Some of those other papers you send is of little or no account. Send the Herald or Globe if you send any. I expect you are putting off writing until near Christmas. I am sending you a picture of the house that was taken about two years ago. I was at them to send it long ago, but they put off from time to time. As you are interested in such things, we thought you would write and let us know what you are doing as you said you had given up the job you were at. You ought to look up some permanent job and stay in it. If you do, you will be able to do something for yourself after a while. If you do not, you will always be working for somebody else. I don't think those boarding houses are very much. As far as I see, the people are very ignorant and live a life to suit their own fancy and never think of the future. Therefore, they are always in the background never thinking of the world to come as I very well know having seen the same thing but never thinking much of it. You understand the meaning. Now about Mike Dillon and his visit last summer, we have not heard much about him since he went around a lot. I expect he had great news when he got back. We were all out the night he was going. All the boys were home at the time. I had not much time to talk with him as he was bladering around all the time. He looks very well about the same as usual. We are after a very fine year and the weather is very mild just now with the exception of a few days. I am sending to you for a violin book for the young lad. He is going to be an expert at the fiddle. He can learn almost anything on it that he is shown. If he had proper instruction, he would be a marvel. People does be surprised to hear him for this size. I will give you the address on a separate paper as I have a book from the same place myself. They are all musicians in fact but Joe. But he has as good he has the learning and is very good. I was surprised to hear that they did not tell you about the instrument they have until lately. They have it since March and a very good one. I sent to London for it. The cost of which was eleven pounds, it one of the American organs made in Chicago.

Directions about the book- howe's 100 easy pieces for the violin all in 1st position
Elias Howe 86 Court St. Boston

If you find any book on the American organ, you could send it to the girls.

As I have no more to say at present, I hope you will have a merry Christmas and happy new year.

George Gleasure, Listowel, Kerry, Ireland
To Frank Gleasure, Boston, Mass

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