Thursday, February 9, 2012

January 25, 1904

From: George Gleasure, Listowel, Ireland
To: Frank Gleasure, 459 Cambridge Street Allston, MA

Dear Frank,

I am writing you a few lines hoping you continue in good health as we all are here at present. They are all well out at Tullig also, only the old man he is not so strong this winter. He was not in here since October although he is about all right. He is going on 79 years of age now. They do be all asking about you always when they are in. I had your letter a few days ago. We were surprised to hear that you came so near getting hurt in the railway accident. You were very fortunate that you did not fare worse as you had a narrow escape. Railroading is a risky business. If you were badly hurt, you would have to stand it. You would get nothing from the company. So I think if you get into any other fair job you would be just as safe my opinion. I hope you are in a job before now. Write when you get this letter and let us know. The year that is passed is a very bad year in this country. It has been raining continuously since July and especially for the last three months no sunshine of any account. The farmers have suffered severely by the constant rain the like was not seen for several years no frost of any account and no snow in this part of the country. We have no reason to complain the times are fairly good as yet. Our business has increased nearly double since you were here so as to be kept going pretty well all the time. I have to be around from seven in the morning until ten at night so you see the time I have. Joe is going to school constant and is doing very well. He will soon be there a year and it is a bit expensive books that he requires and very costly. But I think he will do something out of it someday. He is going on very well. The two young lads are getting very smart also. They are doing very well at school. There is many a change in Listowel since you left too many to mention. We have not heard from the Baileys or the Burrs for the last year. I think it was Mrs. Burr that wrote last to the lads here. When you are writing let us know if you see any of them. The Dillons are all well. Patsy is very strong at present. He was making a match for Tim Curtin and Jule McElligott you know her. It was nearly made when they smashed it again. I suppose you do not see the Dillons very often in Boston now as you are not lodging with them. Mrs. Carroll told me some time ago that Henry went to New York to Pat and he was coming back to Boston again. I think I have no more to say at present. Hoping to hear soon from you.

George Gleasure, Listowel, Kerry, Ireland

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