Monday, February 6, 2012

September 8, 1903

From: Annie Gleasure, Square, Listowel, Ireland
To: Frank Gleasure, 59 Hopedal Street, Allston, Massachusetts

Dear Frank,

Perhaps you will have thought long ago that I have no intention of writing to you but the fact is we have been very busy papering painting and white washing the whole house during the summer but they are all finished now. Then I had to go to church three times a week for two weeks to practice the hymns for the Miss Johnston's double wedding. They were both married to doctors and it was very nice to see. We have received your last letter and the papers last week and enjoyed them very much. The other ones that you sent in July arrived safely but the little pins that you sent came just a week too late for the Fourth of July, but we had the ones that you sent before. We are all well here at present, but business is very slack all this summer. May and George spent a week at Dillons and three at Tullig during their vacation. They enjoyed being at Tullig very much and would have stayed longer if they could. I suppose you will have heard by this time that Matt Dillon died about the last week of June. They have no boy there now for Tom and Ned are away in the police force and Paul is in Carlow learning to be a priest. All the Parkinson police are home for about three or four weeks. Fannie was married to John Fitzell of Woodford last summer. Marianne was in Tralee for a long time learning millenery and then she went to Cork in a situation but she is home now for a few days. The annual sports were held in the sports field on August 20th, and there were fire works in the night and the stand and all around the track was beautifully decorated with tiny coloured lanterns. The races will be held in October and I want to know if you will send me some money soon if you can. I had expected some long ago but I suppose you were very busy this summer. Hoping to hear from you very soon, I remain,
Your Affectionate Sister,
Annie Gleasure

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