Saturday, June 2, 2012

June 30, 1907

From: George Gleasure Sr., Listowel
To: Joseph Gleasure, 28 Herrick Street, Brighton, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Dear Joe,

we are glad to hear you are all right now as you had arough time of it going over we are glad to hear that you are booth together and well as we are all well here at present we had the two letters you sent in due time and also had Franks and abook about aweek ago.  iexpect you find the work alittle har at first but when you become acostum to it you will not mind that the week you left here was storm all the time and the rest of the month was summer weather but since the first of June its nothing but rain and storm to the present time it is looking like settling just now.  we got along very well through the big fair Jane happened to bee in that day and volinteered to help but itell you she was glad when itold her that we could do the rest ikept her on the trot all the time she thought there would afine time inside the counter but ilearnt her how to keep limber idid not see her since there is afew changes in town since you left tim kirby is dead and burid and also old tom hayes the shoe maker died suddenly and afew others pawl Dillon arrived back from america this day week and adoughter of big neds from new york they are going back in september they say he is apriest now and great work about him but idont think much about the whole thing as when he gets back he will only be abegger for the church as ihave seen lots of it in my time this country is nothing but ahumbug for that busines idoes bee disgusted when ithink of america

we have got no apprentes in the shop as yet it is not verry easy to get the right person and you know that I would not be botherd with half of them we get along all rite but it is abit hard iwould not mind only for long hours

tom buckley cleard off to america at last he was talking of it along time he sold a cow in the fair and went off without they knowing it his wife was speaking to me about what he owed that she would pay after awhile but ithink iwill look for it verry soon it is amistake to have any truck with slopers at all ihave made up my mind that iwill get shut of them in future

David Miller was asking about you when he came around he told me be sure and mention him to you and also did Mr. Garrett and Mr. flyn.  iexpect you will take a day out to south natick this summer to see the folks there if you do inquire about the buril lot that we have there to see if the slabs that were put up are still in tact for fear they may loosen and fall down we had the bishop in Listowel this week May was confirmed and some more Mr. pattison was asking about you both the other day and is delited to hear that ye are well he was delited when itold him that Frank sent the picture of the church in alston.

as i have to close now hoping to reach you both well

George Gleasure

To Joseph Gleasure

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