Tuesday, June 26, 2012

January 5, 1908

From: George Gleasure, Listowel
To: Frank Gleasure, 28 Herrick St, Brighton, Mass. U.S.A.

My Dear Frank

that was frightful news you sent us this time but you only don your duty my poor joe can irealise that you are not to be seen any more on earth inever can forget when isaw that letter in the post mans hand friday night ibecame numb when isaw the american stamp when ilooked and saw your writing on the envelop it partly struck me who it was and was not mistaken the first glance told me but that was enough icould read no more for some time my Dear boy his boyish movements haunts my mind when he was alittle boy ibreak down when ithink of him and his look of affection towards me

ineed not mention to you the way they all were Annie was after getting out of asore throat at christmas if it happened when she had it she would have ahard time my poor joe when your presents arrived we never imagined you were dead and buried the day after st. sephens day we got them iunderstand that it was acouple of days before he died that he mailed those as isee by his letter that he send me and was in good spirits but it seems it was my poor boys last letter any one hardly knows it yet as icould hardly tell them jim connor was in yesterday and itold him so poor old james came in today to see me the poor man broke down with grief just as iff it was his own he said mrs Connor didnt sleep any last night over the occurance you know he was agreat favourite with them all out there and do be always always asking about yourselfe.

there was something up with myselfe since aweek before Christmas icould not sleep only thinking until near morning then iwould sleep but should get up ithought it was the worry of busines at Christmas but ihave found out now to my great sorrow so you see the spirit moves aperson some how My Dear Frank iam very glad to hear the way you carried out the whole thing in your hours of grieff as iknow it has been atrying thing for you to loose agood brother as well as for me too agood son and good he was as inever knew better my poor boy as regards the work he was doing iadvised him the last letter which you can see that the job was dangers and not fit for him and iam surprised that you let that boy into that class of work annyway iexpect you had to buy agrave in that cemetery it is two bad that he wasnt laid in the family lot baily is one of the trustees there and if you had seen him there is no doubt but he would settle that any time you want the deed iwill send it on my poor joe wrote to me back in the summer and said he visited his mothers grave and told me it was all right so you see it is aquere world it was little he thought of the last then let me know when you rite who was to blame over the occurance he may be wronged or some thing of the kind. ithink iwill close for thise time

ihope our blessed lord will grant him peace and rest that the world cannot give and protect us that are left so as to help one another

George Gleasure
Listowel Kerry


Frank Gleasure
28 Herrick St

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  1. The awful sadness of it all!
    It's hard to believe that there was no other way of getting the news to Ireland except snail mail. When did telegrams come in?
    Poor poor Frank. His father seems to blame him for letting Joe do this work and for burying him in other than a family grave. I feel really sorry for Frank receiving such a letter at a terrible time in his life.