Thursday, June 14, 2012

December 2, 1907

From: George Gleasure, Listowel
To: Joseph Gleasure, 28 Herrick St., Brighton, Mass. U.S.A.

Dear Joe,

iam taking the opportunity of writing you afew lines hoping your selfe and Frank is well and in good health as we all are at present here all the friends are all well also ihad your letter some time ago but neglected writing to you as isee both of your letters from time to time by the lads isent you the papers about the tralee and listowel races but ibelieve it was to Frank they addressed them but it was all the same isuppose you see them we had another rces this year as the second day broke down and come torrents of rain in amanner that the bridge was carried away that night and was carried out to sea and lost for good they past off very well without any accident and was a great success as far as money was conserned my selfe and the young lad was in to the trallee races and had agood time and fine weather it is noting but rain and bad weather since the listowel races in fact we have put in awinter since ihave got a boy in the shop since september young Carrol patt Carrolls son isuppose you new Ned he was up at scanlons for a month on trial and run away from them he tells me that he could not hold there as they had him doing every thing he was partly broke in when igot him he is smarter than ithough and very easy lernt if he conducts himselfe he is avery good boy he has grown to be nearly aman since he came in fact he has surprised the people and is verry correct about change any of the other lads is as active now as any body you could find they would surprise you now on account of the practice since you went ibought a new cash register over amonth ago from an agent that was exhibiting in town it is asplendid article it cost twelve guinnes and was the cheapest he had they were as high one hundred and fifty it makes up all accounts adds up the money so as there is no trouble but count is and it makes every body careful it surprised me the register is all ways locked and no body can tamper with cash that is registered in fact it makes every body honest icouldnt risk throwing money into adrawer before outsiders iwas surprised to hear that you had to have all your upper teeth out you must have suffered fritful and to have them all out let us know when you get them in how you get along with them. Mrs Morris in in detroit is very anxious to know about ye in boston iwill be writing to Frank one of those days and will tell him about her as she wants hime to write to her. ithink the job you have is avery dangerous thing you want to mind your selfe as there is somany accidents in that clas of work if you could get at office work some way ithink it would be the thing for you even if you had to work for small pay for while you would make it tell in the end now as iwill not be likley to write to you any more this year ihope you will have amerry christmas and ahappy new year

George Gleasure Kerry Listowel Ireland To Joseph Gleasure

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