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February 23, 1908

From: George Gleasure, Listowel
To: Frank Gleasure, 28 Herrick St. Brighton, Mass.

My Dear Frank,

your letters are red in due time and we are glad to hear you are well after all your trouble and sorrow we have nothing more to do now but regret our loss and and pray for assistance to devine power.  iam now blaming my slfe for ever letting Joe go to America after getting him educated for acertan purpose and then give in to noncince he could doe better here than to make aslave of him selfe to any company he was smarter than you think it is very few boys could beat him in figurs or book keeping and all for nothing now iam very glad you kept all his belongings ifeel at times as if iwere alone int he world although having four more of ye living the old man at tullig is verry much put out about joes death he is all the time talking about him they say idid not see him since it hapened joe made him apresent of a cane and he would not leave it out of his sight, isuppose you had to buy the burial ground where he is or what will be done about it now it was two bad he wasnt put in his own place the poor boy he told me in one of his letters that he was in south natick last July and visited the cemetry and told me all about it

we are all well at home at present and all the folks out at tullig henry Carroll died afew days ago he wore away slowly until the end came he caused them any amount of trouble and expense as he had no money when he arrived imust tell you now about an old uncle that died in dublin the ninth of january last abrother to my fathers he was afew years younger he was in california once and twice in australia and had agreat deal of money at one time now it seems that his assets is two hundred and ninety one pounds fourteen and two pence ihave it in the hands of Mr Marshal listowel through the old mans consent Adam is abit shie about the job the will was made in favour of the clergyman that adminstered to him to be spent for charity as he saw fit that is the strength of the will if we were in before probate was taken out we would not have any trouble now under the conditions there will be cost if we contest it the will was made the day he died so idont see how that old minister can get the best of us ihave not found all yet Mr Marshal is still finding out if itold Marshal about it in time before probat he says they would have to fight us then the old man was writing to this old minister instead of going to an atorney and then the minister took out probat so the old man has left it to Adam and myself but ithink Adam is enclined to cave two as Marshal says it will cost about forty pounds but two or three hundred pounds is worth looking for of course iwill see my self all right also before iventure into the case it must be averry rotten willl that was made when aman was ding they say he told them that he hadnt anny one belonging to him int eh world no more at present from your father

George Gleasure

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