Friday, June 15, 2012

December 9, 1907

From: George Gleasure, Listowel, Kerry Ireland
To: Frank Gleasure, 28 Herrick St., Brighton, Mass. U.S.A.

Dear Frank

iam taking the opportunity of writing you afew lines for the last time this year iexpect, wishing you both amerry christmas and ahappy new year we are all well at home at present hoping you both are also iwrote to Joe aweek ago and expect he will have the letter in aday or two isee where he was asking about Frank buckley and what he was doing and hays Carroll buckley was in agrocery the last iherd iwas talking to his brother John this summer when he was home and he told me that he never sent a good encourign letter since he went his father told me he was in all the ball societies of new york so that is enough hays Carroll is back to new york again for the last three months he had to go they are doing nothing at home henry is after putting in along fit of sickness and had anarrow shave they are thinking of sending him to aconsumption home in wexford when he gets alittle strong but ithink he never will be any good when he came from america he was all broke up and had akind of an old cough that iwould term as arum cough he was at the races and looked fairly well but soon after he was laid up and is so since you can tell Joe that Tom buckley stayed only four or five weeks in america and is minding the farm better since as idont see him in but very seldom he told me he met P.D. griffin while he was over and that he was in very straitned circumstances the youn lads are talking of writing to ye one of those days the young lad has got ayoung grey hound now he thinks he is going to win afortune with him igot him last july ayoung pup and he become afine dog he is six months old now you can tell Joe that John barry of billerough won 24 pounds in tralee and 12 in wexford with adog they are all the go round here now the weather is very bad here at present all the time raining day and night and even we had thunder and lightning last night it is one of the worst years that ever come here they give down as having something like it fifty years ago.  isee there is great excitement over the money busines in america but is seems to me that the talk is more than any thing else imust tell you now about my sister that is in detroit there is two of them there but one dont write atall she was about coming over this year to see the old folk but it become two late until next year she is enquiring about you and told me to have you write to her iwill send you her address and write to her when you get it her husband is a cabinet maker and has some busines of his own as ihave no more of intrest at presend wishing you both ahappy new year

George Gleasure
Listowel Kerry Ireland
To Frank Gleasure

Mrs. J.W. Morris
17 Mason Street
Detroit Mich

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  1. George writes a bit like James Joyce without punctuation or capital letters.
    He shoots from the hip and boy, is he controlling.