Friday, January 27, 2012

December 12, 1902

From: Helen A. Reardon, South Natick, Massachusetts
To: Frank Gleasure, 82 West Canton Street, Boston, Mass.

My dear Frank,

I was surprised indeed to find that you did not hear from me last summer.  Perhaps I directed it wrong and put Canton St. instead of West Canton St.  I have the impression I did now.  Still I should think the postman would have looked you up.

We have wondered time and again why in the world you did not come out to see us.

Just now we are rather under the weather.  Mr. Bailey is sick in bed with an abscess and has a trained nurse.  Mrs. Bailey is sick also with the prevailing grip.  The rest of us are pretty well but tired.

We are very much gratified to hear about Joe's success as a scholar.  If you have some influence, a broker's office would be a good place for him.  We have looked about for you hear as we did last Summer, but there is nothing really desirable.  The place here is so rough for a young man to live I have no courage to get a place for anyone for fear they might be tempted to go wrong.  There is a saloon at every turn.

Mr. Bailey has a night watchman but has some trouble in getting stout expressmen who can be relied upon.  Fred is going to Boston just now himself.  His office is 34 Court Square, one of them, the others are on Kilby St.

How much I should like to hear from Annie and more still to see them all.  I am sure they will come over before very long.  Then you can keep house together and live like princes.  Have you ever taken advantage of the evening schools or free lectures?  It is a little hard to start out I know after a hard day's work.

The Burr boys are back in College this year.  They were both out last year.  Lucy Hickox is living in West Newton with her Aunt Mrs. Wisner.  Charlie Hickox, her brother, died of consumption about two years ago.  Lucy and Charlie were both good scholars.

They will all be glad to see you any Sunday.  We have expected you before.

The men are all new many times over since you were here.  Mr. Bailey's business has increased so that there is a good deal to do and hard work too.

We all send best wishes for your welfare and wish we could find you just such a job as you want.

Sincerely your friend,

Helen A. Reardon

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