Sunday, January 15, 2012

November 27th, 1901

From: George Gleasure, Listowel, Ireland
To: Frank Gleasure, 82 West Canton Street, Boston, MA

My Dear Frank,

We had your letter a few days ago and were very glad to hear that you are well and getting on well as we are all well at present. We had your other letter on the second October and I neglected writing since in fact I haven't a chance. They tell me now that Annie wrote a few days ago. I think we got all the papers you sent before now. We did not get the last papers you mentioned yet. We had very bad weather since August. Two months of rain. But now we have November cold and a good deal of frost for the time of year. You will have to look out now until spring for the cold in Boston as the weather is very changeable there. You mentioned about the Irish delegates visiting Boston. I see by the papers that they did since and fooled the [hearers?] as I call it. Have nothing to do with them because they are nothing short of public imposters. They will fool all the Irish in America as they did before. They get into jail here with the prospect of exhibition abroad. If they done as much in America as they do here, the American government would not be rubbing a hand to them, but give them jail that they would remember the death of the president was a glad news to some of the people here just as they were about the Spanish war. You know the rest. As you would like some papers, I am sending you some with this letter. The Dillons are all well as I can hear. They were in to find out about the friends over when we had the last letter from you. Mrs. Carroll was telling me that she had a letter from one of the daughters and got a very bad account about Lizzie that her health was about gone. Arthur Parkinson in Tarbert died this month. I suppose you knew him. He was buried in Kilflynn. As I will not be likely to write again before Christmas, I hope you will enjoy a happy Christmas. Tell me if you hear anything about the Baileys or the Nyes or do you see them at any time. If so, let us know when you write. As I have no more to tell you at present, I will have to close. Hoping it will find you in good health.

George Gleasure, Listowel
To Frank Gleasure, Boston

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