Sunday, January 8, 2012

January 25, 1897

From: MM Hartwell, South Natick
To: Frank Gleasure, The Square, Listowel, Co. Kerry, Ireland

Dear Frank,

I thank you very much for the very nice letter you wrote on your arrival at your Grandfathers. It was very nice in you to write and it should have been acknowledged long ago. It was such a nice account of your voyage. I enjoyed it very much. And now I want to hear again from you what you are doing, how living, and about the place you are in, anything you may think of to write will interest me. Have you been to school? I wish you might have stayed here and gone on with your studies, and graduated. Your mother was so anxious to have you. Miss Bailey knows more than I do about the schools and writes you about them perhaps. I know Mr. Emerson has a new assistant. Elijah Perry who was your nearest neighbor when he died last week suddenly of heart disease, which leaves Mr[s?] Ross alone. I missed you very much this summer and fall as I had no boy to call upon to do little things for me. Tell Jaire [Joe?] I missed him too. We have had no snow as yet this winter and it is getting late for it. I think Mr. Bailey would like to see some [?] for parties. How is Annie? Give my love to her. I shall hope to hear from you soon with kind wishes for you all from the friend of your mother,

M.M. Hartwell

Feb 2nd

You will see by the date of this letter that I have delayed sending it but I have been wanting to get your address of Miss Bailey and this morning called at the school house for it. We had quite a big snow storm last week. Before that it had been fine skating on the river. Do they ever have any snow where you are? Or ice. Does your grandfather have a large farm and do you live with them. I will send you some papers soon. You may like to see them. Do you have much to read.

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