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July 24th, 1897

To: Frank Gleasure, The Square, Listowel, County Kerry, Ireland
From: Helen A. Reardon

My Dear Frank,

We received your most welcome letter last Thursday. I wrote to you in July from Westboro but it must be that you did not receive this letter. We were much interested in your account of this place. It would be very nice for you if you can go about and see the country when Summer comes.

We hope you can go to school if possible, as it is so near, and then when you come back again you can go right on without losing much.

I cannot find Listowel on our map. How far is it from your grandfather's?

There are a number of changes since you went away. Elijah Perry died last week very suddenly of heart disease. He was sick only a few hours and was buried in the old burying-ground. Mrs. Ross lives alone and says no one cares for her. We did not forget your dear mother at Christmas. We put an evergreen wreath on her grave. We have had scarcely any snow. Mr. Emerson is still here but Miss Conners did not come back in Sept. We have had two teachers: the first stayed six weeks and then went to South Africa. Now we have a Miss Gray and she is not anything to speak of. John Foster is still in my room and no prospect of promotion. He is fast-climbing up to six feet.

Mrs. Burr's family are well and she would be delighted to hear from you. Miss Nye is here this winter.

When the winter came on we missed you more and more. We have had no boy this winter for the simple reason that we did not see one that we cared to have.

The times are about as they were when you left. Things are always a little dull at election but now they are back about as usual. Everything is about as usual round the hotel except that they had electric lights put in. Dr. Glaney was arrested last night for selling mortgaged property. He had poor success, he was no man anyway and got into debt deeper and deeper till yesterday his wife and children went away with their baggage and the house is shut up. There is another doctor here that people like very much. He has a room at Mrs. Hunting's.

Mr. Daniels has another little boy: was born in August. His name is Thomas. We are very glad to send you the Sunday Globe and some other papers later that may interest you. I hope Annie will write to me sometime. By what you said I judged the climate is warm enough so that the baby can run out of doors. Is the grass green all winter? How about the "shamrock." Does it grow everywhere like our clover?

Pat Hallinan was married to a Slameri girl and Tammi Griffin has another little girl. He has three girls now.

We are glad that you wrote such a nice neat letter. I hope Annie will write too. How much we should like to see you all. Miss Smith wants to know how Joe is, and Miss Sweeney asked after him the other day.

We laughed to think of you riding in the fainting car. Why is it that your papers talk against the Irish people leaving Ireland? I suppose when so many leave there it makes times dull there. Is that the case.

Now we hope to hear from you again and that you will write to Miss Burr.

We are looking forward to seeing you again soon.

With love to all the children and our best wishes for you father's success. I am, your sincere friend.

Helen A. Reardon.
South Natick, Mass. U.S.A

P.S. Miss Bailey says this is from us both and she will take her turn soon.

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