Thursday, January 12, 2012

June 17, 1901

From: Annie Gleasure, Listowel, Ireland
To: Frank Gleasure, 82 West Canton Street, Boston, United States America

Dear Brother,

We received your most welcome letter two weeks ago last Thursday, and were very pleased to hear from you.  I hope you got the job you wrote about; we think it is very good.  Stick to your work now, and don't go drinking or you will never get on.  We did not hear from Miss Reardon yet, so I am going to write this week.  I suppose they knew you, and were glad to have you over?

Everything is nearly the same here.  May and George are going to the Convent now; and Joe is going to the National school on Church street.  The Sweetmans are going to the Convent too.  They are learning sewing and a lot of things there.  Old Tom Sheely died about a week after you left and Tom sold up everything and is staying in Duagh now.

Sarah Conner and Ned Molneaux stole away on the 13th May and James heard a week ago that they were over in England.  The Conners are always fighting with the Banmore lads now.

There was an awful accident in Tralee the day you sailed; it happened about five or six o'clock in the morning.  The train rushed into the station and tore forty-five feet of buildings and jumped five feet high before it stopped.  There were two men killed and some more were wounded.  There was something the matter with the brakes; the engine driver tried to turn it but he could not.

Loyd's and Ginnet's Circus was here a short while ago.  They were very much the same as last year.  One of the Circus men walked across a wire very high up with a man on his back and nothing to balance him but a sunshade.

There was a man there too, whistling like the different kinds of birds.

Will you send over some of those small flag pins for the fourth of July?  You will have a jolly time that day, seeing all the soldiers marching and everything.  And send us over some papers as soon as you can, and we will send over some for you.  The Boy's Friend is enlarged to 16 pages and costs a penny now.

I think it must be very hot over there by this time and there must be some awful thunderstorms there.  We had some very nice weather there until lately; now it is very rainy.

We had a letter from Mike shortly after you landed.  He says they are doing well there.

I have not any more to say, so I must close.  I am still

Yours Affectionately

Annie Gleasure

P.S. Write very soon

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