Tuesday, August 28, 2012

September 12, 1910

From: Helen A. Reardon, South Natick
To: Frank Gleasure, 14 Webster Ave., Allston, Mass.

My dear Frank,

When your letter came Miss Bailey was dressed for a trip to Buzzard's Bay for a week so she turned the letter over to me.

I have inquired very carefully and find the record of the baptism of your four brothers and sisters but none of yours. I called on Miss Burr and she remembers that your father said you had been baptized before. I, also, remember when your father was planning the ceremony at Mrs. Burr's house he said that you had been baptized. Probably you were baptized where you were born or when you were quite small. You could be baptized again or send to your father though their would be no time for that. Miss Bailey and I can vouchsafe for your father's saying what he did, if that will do.

We were very glad to hear from you. Why do you not come out some Sunday? I have inquired at the South Station for you and we knew you were there.

I wonder if the other children will come out. I do not wonder that your father hesitates about their doing so. You did not mention Annie. She must be very sober -- the mother of the family.

I wish you would come out any fine Sunday and spend the day with us. Remember the latchstring will always be out for you. I have good help just now after a siege with three drunken help in a year.

We congratulate you on your success in your work. When you become a full-fledged engineer we will be very proud of you.

Hoping to see you soon. I am very truly your friend.
Helen A. Reardon
South Natick

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