Monday, August 13, 2012

January 1, 1910

From: May Gleasure, The Square, Listowel
To: Frank Gleasure, 4 Franklin St., Allston, Mass, U.S.A.

My dearest Frank,

Thanks very much for nice presents which we received all right, we got them on Xmas day. I am sure they must have gone astray, they were so long in coming. We have very bad weather here for the last couple of weeks, I suppose it is the same way over there. Did you hear from Mrs Morris lately I got some magazines from her this week they were very nice ones there was one with a nice piece of music and a song in it. I wonder could you get some of those newspapers that the music do be in I think that they are the Sunday papers and send them to us I would like to get them for I have not very much music to be playing.

I am going to send you some of those Listowel views as soon as I can. I am send you the slip of paper about the death of Robert's daughter and let you send it to Mrs Morris for I told her I would send it to her. Annie and George were very pleased with their presents, the belt you sent me was very nice. I have just heard that there was a man got floating on the Castle Hole George saw him when he was brought out of the river he must have been in the river a long time to say that he was floating on the river. I don't think I have any more to say so I will close wishing you a very Happy New Year.
I remain
Your loving sister

Try and send those newspapers that I told you about and write very soon again.

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