Wednesday, August 15, 2012

March 7, 1910

From: May Gleasure, The Square, Listowel
To: Frank Gleaure, 4 Franklin St., Allston, Mass, U.S.A.

My dearest Frank,

Just a few line hoping they will find you enjoying health as we all are here at present. The weather here is just commencing to mend, we had beautiful Spring weather here for the last three or four days, what kind is it over there. Is it long since you heard from Mrs Morris, I had some journals and a letter from her since, she also send us two of her photo's, they were very nice indeed, she told me that she was sending you one. The reason of me writing these few lines is, I want to know if you would be able to send us that money we asked you for some time ago, you told me that you would send it to us (2 pounds) if possible If you are not able to send it to us don't you mention it in any of your letters for the pater would be scolding us if he thought we were asking it continually from you. But try and send it to us as we want it badly and if you are going to send it to us let us have it a week before Easter, so remember all I am telling you. Easter Sunday is on the 27th March and if you send it as soon as you get this letter we will have it in time. Try and send it this turn and I will never again ask any from you I want some clothes badly It is the same dress and hat and boots I have to wear on Sunday as on Monday I don't think you would like to be doing that yourself. I don't think I have any more to say at present so I will close Hoping you will grant that one request I ask of you, it is the first I asked of you this year, and it will be the last if you send it, so don't forget
I remain
Your loving sister
May Gleasure

Write very soon.

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