Tuesday, August 7, 2012

October 13, 1909

From: May Gleasure, Listowel, Square, Co Kerry, Ireland.
To: Frank Gleasure, 4 Franklin St. Allston, Mass U.S.A.

My dearest Frank,

Just a few lines wanting to know why you are not writing to us, I was going to write all along but I was expecting a letter from you and none has come.  The weather here is getting a little cold and wet, what kind is it over there.  I had two or three letters from Mrs Morris since I suppose she writes to you very often.  We are having the Races here on the 25th and 26th Oct. they are very late this year.  There will be only one day between them and the big fair so we will be very busy for 3 or 4 days.  Father and George will be going down to Fedamore (Co Limerick) to a coursing meeting, they will be carrying two dogs there, they won a stake there last year, (they are going next Thursday 21 Oct) I will send you the papers about it next week.  I suppose you remember Bill Connor at Banmore well himself and Lizzie [Jame's daughter] OConnor ran away to England I think they got married on the way old Mrs Connor felt it very much.  Will you be able to send me what I asked you for some time, ago, I hope you will because I am very much in need of it.  I am singing in the Church Choir and I would like some good clothes to wear there.  I got a few lovely post Cards from Mrs Morris I have a great collection of them now I suppose you have a lot of them by this.  I must send you some Listowel views after the races there are some lovely ones selling here.  I expect to have some good times around the Races and the Big Fair. For about a week we will have some hard times in the shop dealing with all the drunken slopers who will stop in town for a full week I suppose.  Hoping you are well as we are all at present and hoping you will write very soon again.

I remain
Your loving sister
Mai Gleasure

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  1. Oh dear, poor Mai. I feel like sending her a few bob myself, if only to shut her up. Now, she did have a juicy piece of gossip for poor long suffering Frank but, as always, her main reason for writing was to beg him for money.