Friday, July 27, 2012

July 1, 1909

From: May Gleasure, The Square, Listowel
To: Frank Gleasure, 4 Franklin St. Allston, Mass

My dearest Frank

I received your letter last night and was very glad to hear from you.  We are having very warm weather over here now.  We got those books that you sent us also the post-cards they were very nice.  I hope you won't forget that book I asked you about.

We had the annual Sports here last Tuesday, they were very nice, and there was a great crowd of people at them, we are having a Feis on the 4 July.

It is surprising to say that any of them out at Tullig don't write to Mrs Morris, I must tell them the next time I see them what she thinks of them.  I never wrote to her but I will do so this week.

Ye will have some good time about the 4 July, it will fall on Sunday this time, but father told me a few days ago that the day after will be kept a holiday as it is falling on a Sunday, you ought to send us a bundle of papers after that day, as we want to see how ye got on, put in some comic papers for George as he finds great pleasure in them when he gets any of them, he shows them to the boys around this place and they have a great laugh over them.

Would you like to go up where Mrs Morris is living.  she would be delighted I am sure to get you up there.

You will have to be looking out for a place for me in three or four more years as I intend to go over there when I am old enough.  I hate this old place also Annie does, we are about sick and tired of it, if I once got out of Ireland it would be a while before they would see me back to it again.  Don't forget to send the papers.  I don't think I have anymore to say at present so I will close Hoping to here from you very soon again.

I remain
Your loving sister

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