Thursday, July 19, 2012

April 3, 1909

From: Mai Gleasure, Listowel, Square
To: Frank Gleasure, 4 Franklin St., Allston, Mass, U.S.A

My dearest Frank,

I received your most welcomed letter a few days ago and was very glad to hear from you. The weather here is not to good for the last few days. The girl of the Nolan's that you spoke about arrived last night, I suppose you remember the one that use to wear the glasses, her name was Dodey, she was sick and died yesterday morning her sister was not home in time to see her before she died it was consumption that she had. Do you remember Jim Parkinson the policeman that was out in Canada well he arrived here yesterday he is a detective and caught a fellow out in Canada that was missing for the last year, he was a German, so he had to carry him over to Germany, and then he came home. Mary Ann is not at home for the last seven years except on holidays she is a milliner up near Dublin some place. Henry Gleasure is back near Tralee working for a parson and taking care of the Church back there. They are all very well out at Tullig. I am collecting post cards all the time we have a lot of them now, hope you will send us some more. We opened our organ a short time ago. We got the books that you sent alright, they were very nice ones. The next time that you are sending any to me, I'd like if you send me "Kingdom of Love and other poems". written by Ella Wheeler Wilcox. It is a collection of poems suitable for recitations and readings, and I want to learn some of the recitations so I hope you will send it to me as soon as you can. Or if you can't get that one get one called Maurine by the same author I think I will be getting my teeth next week, he is going to take the impression of my gums today. We did not get a letter from Mrs Morris for a long time now. Has she any talks of coming home this summer I'd like if she came home. I don't think I have any more to say at present so I will close hoping to hear from  you very soon Hope you will enjoy a happy Easter
I remain
Your loving brother sister

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