Tuesday, July 10, 2012

October 8, 1908

From: May Gleasure, The Square, Listowel
To: Frank Gleasure, 4 Franklin St., Allston, Mass, U.S.A.

My dear Frank,

I received your most welcomed letter last night and we were very thankful for what you sent us. We had very good races for the last two days, father and George went to the island the two days so I had to stop at home but I had good times from 7 till 10 for I was let out then.

Dick McCarthy died this morning, he got a fall off a ladder about a fortnight ago and split his head. He got all right then, and was walking about, and in two days he had to go to bed again, it was the way that Dr. Dillon did not sew his head right and Dr. Lane did half wash it, so it turned into blood poison I did not send those papers that I promised you, because I was out at Ballyhenessy for a few days I will send you some now so you will see all about the races. When the people were coming across the bridge yesterday there was an awful crowd on it and about the middle of it down it went and in all the people went to the water. father and George were on the bridge and John Parkinson told them to stand back for a half an hour to let the crowd go and so they went back and they were hardly of the place where it broke when it went down so then they had to around by the road. There was one man nearly drowned he was carried into the castle hole and some other fellow went in after him. I think I will close now, hoping to head from you soon

I remain
You loving sister

I will send you another one of my Stickyback in the next letter so hurry up and write. 

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