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January 13, 1909

From: Mai Gleasure, The Square, Listowel
To: Frank Gleasure, 4 Franklin St, Allston Mass, U.S.A.

My dear Frank,

I received you letter last night and was very glad to hear from you. We are getting some very bitter weather over here now. We got the book you sent us at Xmas they were very nice but I did not like the stories that was in Annies & mine I would rather a book with cheap covers and nice stories than those with the good bindings. I am glad that you liked those Sticky backs, there is not anybody in town at present for taking them or else Annie would take hers and send it to you. I was delighted to get those ones that you sent us they are very nice. Our dog (Guiless Girl) won a Stake down in Limerick last Thursday (Jan 7) But Gay Gladiator was cheated because I am sure they they not want all the money to go to the same man. They are going to some other part of Limerick next Wednesday. I am sending you the slip of paper about the coursing.

They are about building a rectory in Listowel this year, we had a meeting about it to day we had a party after the meeting.

Will you send us some more books soon if you can, we will soon have you robbed from sending them to us when you are getting them get ones with cheap covers and they will have nicer stories. Or if you could get some journals I am sure they would have some nice reading in them such as The Ladys Home Journal or Youths Companion if you can get them. I got a lot of presents this year I have written a list of them on next page. I don't think I have any more to say at so I will close Hoping you will write very soon again
I remain
Your most loving sister

A post-card album. A pen knife. A box of honey. A silk handkerchief. A Gold bracelet. A brooch. A pendant. Two pairs of kid gloves A purse. and a book from yourself. Annie and I got a pair of kids gloves each from Cashmans in Cork I suppose you know we are dealing with them.

Results of the 7 Jan 1909 coursing match from the Irish Independent

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