Tuesday, January 29, 2013

July 17, 1938

From: Jimmy Gleasure, Citizens Military Training Camp, Fort McKinley, Maine
To: Frank Gleasure, 59 Royal St. Allston, Mass.

Dear Pa, I am having a swell time.  One of the kids in my room in school was up to see me.  he is staying at Pearl Island across the bay.  Fort McKinley is known as the Great Diamond Island.  Tell George to make a key for my suite case because I lost mine throwing javleins.

Tell him to make a copple so one will be sure of fiting.  If he can make it till him to go up harvard ave key shop accross from [Myaskos?] lunch and tell the gang about it he will rember.  Dont forget because  my cloth are in the case.  Tomorrow I have table waitering.  All the kids have some time or anther.  I was down the rifle range yesterday and qualified shoot the rifle I scored 18 out of 25.  Next week we shoot the 30th  I am going out for a marksman medal also tell Martha to send up a picture of Whitehead  I will ahve to close now because I turn in

Your Loving Son

ps  I am broke

the key looks like this long + thin

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