Friday, January 11, 2013

April 16, 1929

From: Annie Gleasure, The Square, Listowel, Co. Kerry. Irish Free State
To: Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, 6 Roseclair Street, Dorchester, Boston, Mass. U.S.A.

Dear Aunt Lizzie,

No doubt you will be surprised at receiving a letter from me, but I write to ask if you can give me any news of my brother Frank, whom I have not heard from for over three years.  His last address is 89 surrey Street, Brighton.  Both my sister and self have wrote to him a few times since then, but have received no reply to our letters.  I wonder if you would look him up and kindly let me know what is the reason of his not answering.

Sometimes I wonder if anything has happened to him.  You know the work in which he is employed is so dangerous.  Then, he asked me to go out to him when his wife died, but I did not feel very strong at the time, perhaps he did not like my refusal, though I am very sorry I did not go.  It was very hard on him to try to keep the home and children together.  I hope he is allright and that you will give me some account of him.  I hope you and Aunt Annie and Uncle Nick are all well.  How I would love to see you all again.  Aunt Bridge is fairly well though she suffers from one of her eyes very much, she was to go up to Cork to have it attended to.

Aunt Johanna Carroll is keeping strong, and comes to town sometimes, she would I'm sure wish to be remembered to you all, if she knew I was writing.  She is the last of the old people now.  Aunt Mary's daughter Hannie, is staying with her.  I wonder you, or Aunt Annie never thought of taking a trip home, excursions are rather reasonable now.  But I suppose when people have a home and family to attend to, its impossible to get away for any sort of long holiday.

My brother is married here for the past five years, they have one little boy, just two years, he is very cute.  They are doing good buisness.  I am the only unmarried one of the family.

Well I hope Dear Aunt you will write to me when you receive this and let me know all.

Your Affectionate Niece

Annie Gleasure.

With love and best wishes to all.


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  1. OMG three years and no word! Frank valued letters so much and yet he did not write in so long! in comprehensible!