Wednesday, January 9, 2013

December 12, 1926

From: May Baker, 12 Dunedin Connaught Ave. Cork.
To: Frank Gleasure, 89 Surrey St. Brighton, Mass. U.S.A.

Dear Frank.

Once again I am sending you those few lines hoping they will find you and all the children in good health and doing well, for the last couple of months I was going to write to you but as usual kept putting it off but Xmas time always seems to stir a person up for writing everyone seems to remember to write to their own and think of them more at this season than at other times.  How are you doing ever since also the children have you as much trouble in getting a person to mind them as you used.  I forget about the ages of your children is there any of them old enough to house-keep yet for you, but I suppose they must attend school, your youngest is not such a care now as he was, but as the saying is they are always a care.  My eldest boy Joe will be 6 years next March.  he is just after a fit of the Measels, George the other boy who is 2 this Xmas did not get them as yet, nor myself as it seems I did not get them when I was young George got them at home last spring.  I had Annie here on a visit for a couple of week late in November, she has got stronger than when I saw her last she would like to start business for herself here in the city but its hard to find a suitable place for her, she is very discontented as naurally at this time of her life she would like to be doing something for herself.  George and wife are quite well but business in Listowel is very quiet now compared with a few years ago, in fact its quiet everywhere they have no family in Listowel as yet.  I was asking Annie if she heard lately from you & she said you never answered a letter she wrote to you last January, she said she would write to you for Xmas.  How is business & times over there I expect you are never out of work yourself I suppose you never meet any Listowel people there what bout the Buckley girls you used to know do you ever meet them now.  I don't know that I've any more to say this time but I hope you'll write to me for Xmas, as I will be anxious to hear from you and the children  Wishing you all a happy Xmas & Bright New Year

Your loving sister

P.S. Adam out at Tullig & family are all well he has two of his daughters married now.

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