Wednesday, January 30, 2013

August 6, 1942

From: May Baker, The Cottage, Ballincolling, Co. Cork.
To: Frank Gleasure, 59 Gardner St. Allston, Mass.

My dear Frank,

Im sure you will be very surprised to hear from me its such years since I heard from you I often wondered why you never wrote to me I think it was in 1925 I heard from you last George's wife told me you wrote to them some-time ago & asked for my address they said they sent it to you but you never wrote to me.  I suppose you have many changes in your family since I heard from you before, the same as myself.  I have 7 boys in family the youngest is 9 years & the eldest 21 years he is a motor mechanic.  I had a great struggle to bring them up as their father has not being very sensible.  I'm sure all your family are working now for you I would like very much to hear from you all about them Annie is over in the States for a number of years now she did not write to me for last four years she is very slow at writing.  I wonder Frank would you send me a few pounds of tea we get very little of it here as it is rationed out to us.  I know several people who get tea from their friends in America.  And if you could send me some dried fruit raisins currants and sultana's I would be very thankful to you if you could manage those for me, but don't say that is the reason I write you for if you never sent them I should like to hear from you I was going to write to Annie also but I've very little hope of getting an answer from her I wrote her several times for last few years & she never answered.  I hope you will send me an answer to this.  George has done very well for himself he has succeeded and made lots of money, but he has a small family.  he has his own house bought out.  Did you ever take a notion of taking a visit home to ireland of course its out of the question now owing to the war but if it were over you might take a trip.  we'd be delighted to see you  Besure & send an answer to this by return I will be looking out every day for it.  Try to send me the few things I asked for I'd be very thankful Hope yourself & family are all well write a good long letter by return best wishes from sister

Mai Baker.

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