Thursday, January 17, 2013

January 25, 1935

From: George F. Gleasure, Company 119 CCC, Bellows Falls, Vermont
To: Frank Gleasure, 2 Grant Avenue, Allston-Boston, Mass.

Dear Pa

I received that letter you forwarded to me and Im sending you the key to my trunk and you will find an envelope in it with nine medals, do them up and send them to the Lane Company 44 Washington Street Providence, R.I. and put the enclosed note with them I think my ears are going to be ok now as they are all healed up and Im keeping them well covered.  Thanks for the cigaretts and the dollar.  I think Ill try to hold out for the winter but if it gets too tough Ill find some way to get out of here.  I wrote to Dalton and told him to hold the teeth untill I can get down there to see him my self.  Let me know if you here anything about that railroad job.  Don't forget to write and let me know whats going on at home.  Did the jew fix that ceiling yet?  Im sending a souvinere of this camp. so put it away some place.


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