Monday, October 1, 2012

March 11, 1912

From: May Gleasure, The Square, Listowel
To: Frank Gleasure, 11 Westford St. Allston, Mass U.S.A.

My Dear Frank,

I received your most welcomed letter a few days ago and was very glad to hear you were doing well as we all are here at home, we were commencing to think you had forgotten all about us you delayed so long in answering our last letter We have had very bad weather here for the last couple of months we had some very hard frost the river Feale was all frozen over it never froze now since the last time you were at home until this year you may be sure we had a gay time skating on it during the day and the nights we had full moon at the time and we held dances on it and you may be sure we had fun over the dancing.  You must have had great bother with the waterpipes that burst our pipes got frozen too but we had no bother with them The fever is all cleared out of the town again it was a perfect destruction to business no country person would come into the town while it was going on.  How are you getting on in married life, there was not many marriages around here this year.  There is one of John Parkinsons sons going to come home again this year one of those that went out about two years ago.  He was never contented out there, I think he is very foolish not to stop out there for a few more years The other boy is very contented he is in the same place since he went out there there is a son of Henry Gleasures working with him its farm work they are doing and they like it very well Did I tell you that Henry and all his family went out to Australia last October he was a very foolish man to go out there this our of his life all his friends wanted to put him off it but all to no good he was said by the wife and went.  None of James Connor family married this year and indeed its nearly time for one of the boys to marry now both the boys are great cow jobbers they have a lot of cattle out on grazing and make a lot of money of them I was full sure that one of them would get a farm this year but they did not make any move and they would want a young woman to look after the house now for their mother is getting rather old.  I don't think I have anymore to say at present only that those papers have not arrived yet and I hope you won't forget them or the music which I am looking forward to I sent two Post cards a few days ago hope ye will get them Tell the wife I was asking for her and I hope you will write to us very soon again I remain
Your loving
sister Mai

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