Monday, October 29, 2012

November 27, 1913

From: May Gleasure, The Square, Listowel
To: Mrs. Frank Gleasure, 4 Bayard St. Allston, Mass U.S.A.

My dear sister-in-law,

Just a few lines hoping that you and Frank and baby are all well.  I was expected a letter from you this time back but I suppose unaccount of the baby you had no time for writing.  young children are sometimes very trouble some I expect  Frank was delighted as it was a son this time the men are generally looking for a son.  We are getting very bad weather here at present there's a lot of rain falling, we are getting very little frost as yet.  I like the frosty weather very much its so clean and the air is very fresh we get very little snow over here I suppose ye do have a share of it over there through the year.  I am sending a little present to you & Frank its a little bedroom clock.  I hope you'll get it all right, its a little early for sending Xmas presents but I am so busy round Xmas that I hardly get time to take my meals sometimes so I thought I'd get these things over [one?].  I am crocheting a wrap for you I thought I'd have it done for Xmas for you but I don't think I will so I'll send it to you after Xmas they are very useful I have one for myself I use it when I'm going to a Ball to throw over my shoulder when I'm not dancing I do a lot of fancy work, do you do any.  Tell Frank when he's sending us presents at Xmas that Annie & George said if he sent them the money that he'd spend on anything he'd buy over there that they could get something more useful over here with it, and ask him if he'd send me a piece of embroidered white muslin to make a dress I suppose you know the kind I mean I see a lot of Americans home last year and they had very nice embroidered muslin dresses, we'd get nothing like it over here and if he can't get it tell him to send me something else that would be useful to me.  I don't care for anything in the line of Jewelry.  the only thing that father likes is books thats what he likes to see us getting in order that he'd have a good read.  Did Frank get my last letter I am wondering what the thought of the description I gave about my boy.  I suppose he had a good laugh to himself at the idea.  I am sending him that Photo for Annie Dillon this week its not a very good one of us but just as she asked for it and I have no better one.  Well I think by the time you have all this none-sense read that you will be tired so I will close Hoping you will send me a good long letter for Xmas and tell Frank to answer my last letter.  Hoping this will find ye all well I remain with best  love.
You loving

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