Thursday, November 15, 2012

October 26, 1916

From: May Gleasure, Listowel, Square, Co Kerry, Ire.
To: Frank Gleasure, 36 Litchfield St., Brighton, Mass, U.S.A.

[Opened by censor 3067]

Dear Frank,

Its about time I should think about answering your last letter which I received alright. I was going to write from time to time but kept putting it off. waiting for this thing and that, anyway I wanted to tell you about how George would be circumstanced after his time being up. He has his time served since 1st September, he has not being removed from Listowel as yet, but he may be after Xmas, he is paid according to what he does and he also gets so much an hour, putting it in all he earns about 25/shilling a week sometimes, at other times 20/shilling and so on, of course if he were sent away he should get about twice that much a week but you know unaccount of his boarding at home its not so bad, he could spare a little money now while he'd be in Listowel if he had sense but I'm sorry to say he has'ent. he goes with fellows that are no company for him, and don't come in home at night at no early hour, you need not say anything in your letter about it (if you want to say anything write it on a seperate page) as Annie and I don't want to interfer let them do as they like and find out for themselves. Annie expects to go to America in the Spring. its a pity as she wasn't going this year as there were several going from the town here, she says she'll write to you in a day or two herself and tell you all and indeed its about time she were doing for herself, working away here and nothing by her time even George now that hes earing never offered her as much as a copper yet and she doing everything for him. Anyway I hope Annie will be able to get away from this place before long whatever I may do afterwards about getting away, it would be a good job for her to be leaving this place behind she never goes outside the door here not even out for a walk I often wonder how she holds inside always. of course its different for me when I'm able to rough it around a lot, I have enough told you about the trouble of this country for this time. We have very bad weather here for the past month nothing but rain all the time. The Races were not much good this year as the weather being bad as usual we did not go to them at all only the two men (boss and George). I hope the two children are quite well and strong and especially the little baby. I hope she will be quite strong before the winter will come on I think its very hard to rear children over in that country some way or other, and yourself I hope you are well over that fit you got in the summer, it must be pretty hard for you working for so many hours, its really to long for any man to work for nineteen or twenty hours a day. You spoke about Annie Dillon being living near you now do you ever see Mike or Lizzie, the old man their father is very feeble now he never comes to town at all now. Anyway there is no one to care him only a woman coming to the house doing a few jobs for him, of course any of the men are not pensioned of yet, they come to see him as often as they can and get all they can done for him. Do ye still here from your bother-in-law that was in France I hope he'll be successful and come home alright there were a lot of Listowel chaps knocked over from time to time its very sad to think about I hope it will be over very soon. I hope you'll be able to get promoted in your job before very long would it mean an easier time for you than what you have now. The big November fair will be here on Monday. next we will be pretty busy that day, all classes of cattle are an awful price in this country presently, its the farmers that are coining from this war they get just three time the money that they used to get for there cattle and stuff. and yet there sons will not go out and help to win the war. I don't think I have anything else to tell you this time. Annie will be writing to you soon I expect, but she is so slow about writing a letter I hope you'll write to me very soon again and will you send me a photo of the children some time you have it promised a long time Remembe to write soon with best love to wife and children and self Iremain
Your loving sister

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