Thursday, November 8, 2012

November 29, 1915

From: May Gleasure, The Square, Listowel, Co Kerry, Ire.
To: Frank Gleasure, 36 Litchfield St., Brighton, Mass, U.S.A.

Dear Frank,

A few lines hoping they will find you and family all well, I was going to write to you for the past month but I said then I'd wait until I'd write for Xmas you know I have to do my Xmas writing a bit early unaccount of the rush for Xmas in the shop I don't have a minute to spare sometimes and we are so shorthanded, all the same I would not care to have any more bar-tenders with us because you have to be there yourself with them so its just as good to do what you have to do yourself any way those apprentices are an awful bother coming in out of the country they are so stupid you couldn't learn some of them nothing. How are you doing ever since I do hope well, and how is the little chap getting on he must be getting to be quite strong by this let me know about him when you are writing I am looking out for something for him for Xmas, it will be only a little token this time as I needn't tell you what kind of times we have here in Ireland at the present time you would be surprised at the price of stuff. I intended making some things myself for him all the summer but time slipped by so quickly but after the rush of Xmas I won't forget I have a nephew across the waters. Father's sister Mrs Morris is coming home in fact she could be landed in Dublin this week, she never wrote and told us she was coming but I had a letter from her husband saying she was sailing and that she would be in Liverpool on the 21st inst. but we have not heard from her as yet perhaps she got nervous and turned back again you know she made an attempt to come home before like that and when she came as far as New York she got afraid and would not venture at that time Adam went to Queenstown to meet her and was there two or three days waiting for her, it may be the same this time. I'd like if she came all the same she might steal me back with her. I would love to go across but there's no good in having those notions in my head as father could not do without me here at home. I got those papers and two books of music all right the music was very nice. I was at a Ball last Sunday night and had a lovely time and by mere luck the boss let me go he is very severe as far as pleasure is concerned he never lets us go anywhere like that but I insisted on going to this one. Have you got any Photo's of the little chap taken yet why don't you get one and send it over long ago you promised me one and you never send it since. George is doing splendid at his business he has only ten months more and then his time will be up, by the way he got three letters from the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland asking him to join the ranks all the boys of military age got them for the past month, it is to be feared that they will have to press for men in the finish. I am just after getting a letter from Mrs Morris from Dublin saying she will be in Kerry tomorrow so she arrived after all. I shall write you a few lines again when I see her and tell you about her, I hope she'll have lots of money. I hope you'll send me a good long letter the next time and I'm patiently waiting still for the letter from your wife Ido hope she'll write to me for Xmas. if it were only a few lines I would be delighted to get them. I have nothing more to say this time but I shall write a few lines again to you in the course of a week or ten days. I shall be also sending you something for the baby hope you'll get it all right. I will now say Goodbye for this time hoping this will find you all well and Wishing you all A Very Happy Xmas and a Bright New Year I remain
Your Loving Sister

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