Friday, November 16, 2012

November 21, 1916

From: May Gleasure, The Square, Listowel, Kerry, Ire.
To: Frank Gleasure, 36 Litchfield St., Brighton, Mass, U.S.A.

[Opened by censor 3633]

My dear Frank

A few lines to let you know I got your card yesterday morning also your letter a short time ago, I expect you've had my answer to it before this I hope the arrival of this one will find all the family and yourself quite well, we are just the same as usual here, but are witnessing some very bad weather, since the first October we've had three great floods, the river Feale over-flowing its banks to an awful extent and drowning cattle and destroying crops especially potatoes, which has made them very scarce and dear, the present price of potatoes is 14 pence a stone thats about three times as dear they would be at this time of year. Always, in fact every-thing is carrying an awful price and some things very hard to be got at any price.

How are the Kiddies getting on I do hope well especially the baby I hope she is getting strong before the winter sets in of course the little chap will be better able to rough it now than her. I should like to send him something for Xmas but the way things are going present we'll put it off for a little time until things will look brighter which will not be long I hope. The war is going on as strong as ever and no knowing when its to be over Do you still hear from your wife's brother I do hope he will come out of it successfully, it's appalling the fine men and boys that are never to come home to their people again, it would be a blessing to everyone if it were over. Annie is still without writing to you I never see such a person as she is she just simply hates writing a letter, the last letter Miss Reardon sent her is still un-answered thats about nine months ago, however I expect she will write to you before long as they say "a long threatening comes at last." Things are quite here now but you never know what to expect from them day to day, I should not like to have a repetition of what happened in the summer time I shall never forget it and the way he went on to me, I often wish to myself I were over with you, but then again I imagine I would be an awful burden to you, in case I would not get on what would I do, as you know the business I'm at is not fit for me, or in fact any other girl. and I'm not very well up in housework never having any time to practice it. I often get thoroughly disgusted with myself the way we two girls are working away the best part of our lives and not having a pound note to our name as yet getting nothing only our support and what we wear and thats very little, the only thing is to hope for better times to come. I will be finishing up for this time now and I hope to hear from you soon again I should like very much to get a letter from your wife does she ever think of writing me a few lines. I expect you were afraid that your letter did not reach me or fell into other hands but if were a thing that a letter of mine was opened other than myself there would be music I can tell you so you need not be afraid of that happening. I will now Wish you and all family A Very Happy Xmas with a Bright and Prosperous New Year to you all Iremain with love to all
Your loving Sister

PS Let me know if you got promoted in your work.

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