Friday, November 2, 2012

November 30, 1914

From: May Gleasure, The Square, Listowel
To: Frank Gleasure, 36 Litchfield St., Brighton Mass. U.S.A.

My dear Frank,

Just a few lines hoping they will find you and the family all well, I have being expecting a letter from you all this time back but was rather disappointed at not hearing from you I wrote to you a couple of months ago I hope you got the letter alright. We have the real winter weather here once again I expect its the same over there, there's a lot of rain falls here through the winter we get very little frost or snow. How is the little baby now I hope he is quite strong by this, he must be nearly able to walk by this, I must send him something for Xmas one of these days. Did Father Paul call to see you on his return journey, he got your address here and said if he had time he would call on you. What do you think of the war, it is effecting this country very much the prices of good have raised very much and our line of business is done up altogether since they put the tax on the beer and stout. George is getting on very well at the Electric business he seems to like it alright, but I'm nearly always in the shop now I have very little time to myself. Do you get any newspapers now if you have any old ones I hope you'll send us some as we are rather short of something to read, Annie and I like the Boston Sunday Globes, you used to send us a newspaper with some music printed on it if you have any of those send them for me as I'm mad about all kinds of music and especially nice songs, I have a big selection of songs but I like to be getting something new all the time. Why dosen't your wife ever write to me I have being expecting a letter all this time back from her. I hope she'll write to me for Xmas, and yourself also. Annie said she would write to you one of these days but she would say that and then she'd put it off from day to day she is a very bad corrospendent I'm afraid the Races in Listowel were not much good this year as the weather was very bad for them. As I have no more news for this time I will close up. Hoping to hear from you before very long and Wishing both you and wife a Very Happy Xmas and a bright New Year
From Your Loving Sister

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  1. I wonder if this son referred to is the George who was later killed during WW2