Friday, November 9, 2012

December 1, 1915

From: May Gleasure, The Square, Listowel, Co Kerry, Ire.
To: Mrs. Frank Gleasure, 36 Litchfield St. Brighton, Mass. U.S.A.

My dear Thresa,

Just a few lines to wish you Frank and baby a Happy Xmas and hoping you all shall enjoy a Bright New Year I was expecting a letter from you for a long time I hope you'll write a few lines to me for Xmas.  I suppose you have trouble some times with the little chap more especially when he will be commencing to walk but I suppose its time for him to be walking now.  I have often asked Frank to send me a Photo of him, I hope you try and make him get one taken for us.  I expect ye have the winter weather over there now, it has commenced here long ago we had a big storm early last month but for the last three week we have frosty weather I like the frost best it is so dry but its a bit cold I may tell you except you were moving around.  I will close now by again wishing you all A Happy Xmas and don't fail to write me a few lines and let me know all about the baby.  I remain
Yours loving sister-in-law

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  1. Poor May, she tries so hard to keep in touch with the family stateside. She never mentions Frank's wife or son by name until now. It's almost as if she did not know their names. Her anxiety to be part of their lives is evident in every letter. I wish she knew how her letters were treasured and kept. I think it would have meant a lot to her.

    It would appear that the old man no longer writes. Strange!