Monday, November 12, 2012

January 16, 1916

From: May Gleasure, The Square, Listowel, Co Kerry
To: Frank Gleasure, 36 Litchfield St, Brighton, Mass, U.S.A.

Dear Frank,

Just a line let you know I received your ever welcomed letter and Xmas Cards. about a fortnight ago. I was very sorry to hear you were sick I hope you have fully recovered by this also the little chap I hope he's over his fit. he must be quite a little man now, I hope you won't fail to send me that long promised photograph before long of him, I should also like to get one of yourself and wife. I am sending you one of my own takings of George and I. I wonder will you recognize the place we are taken at its down at the old pump near the river. the bridge you see is the new iron bridge they have going across the island racecourse, you can only see a part of the old pump. I had a few more to send to you but Annie asked me for them as she wants to send them to Miss Reardon as she got a letter from her a few days before Xmas and is writing to her. She told us she was living in our old house minding young children that have no parents she also said she has not seen you for a long time do you ever go out that way now, she did not mention any of the Bailys and father would like to know whether they are living or not do you know anything about them, let me know the next time you are writing. The weather has being very good here all the winter with the exception of a few heavy storms, we had to close our shop one day the storm was so bad. Father's sister is staying with us since New Year's Day, she is not a bad class of a person, she only stayed at Tullig for about a fortnight and then came in here I believe she had a kick up with them out there as short as the time was I could not find out the right root of the thing as yet, her version of the story was it was there fault but anyway we are to have her here with us until the month of May she is going back again then her husband is to come over for her about a month before she leaves She is a person that would try and boss Annie and I, if she thought it would succeed with her. I think that George will be going back to that country with her she is trying to take him anyway and he is anxious to go she says that he would get on there well with his trade and get plenty of work at it up there where she is more especially when her husband is a builder she said he could get him at work there putting this electric light as he's building them. what do you think of the idea. when she came here first she asked Annie or I to go with her back so she asked father about it and he was not for it at all and by what we can make out about her talk that the boss is for making matches for us in this country she even suggested about Annie going into a farm of land, but when she told Annie that you may say Annie gave her a bit of her mind. Don't you think we'd look nice married to an old farmer to wind up our days with him. If George will be so lucky as to get away from this old country he's alright. I should like him to go away from this place as there is so many old bummers around this old town always thats its no place for him more especially when he comes in contact with them so often. You were asking me about the people out at Tullig they are all well out there presently old Patsy Dillane has got very feeble for the last few months you know he has no one in that house with him only his brother in-law there is no woman there only a neighboring woman that comes there during the day and does a few things for him the poor man is a pity in the later end of his days with no one to look after him. his daughter Bridge lives about three or four miles away from him but she has a lot of children of her own to look after. Do you ever see any of them over there let me know when you are writing next Do you see the Buckley girls or Threvor Chute at all I sent you a little parcel for the little chap at Xmas I hope you got it alright I must send you something more useful very soon for him I think I have about all for this time when I know if George is going or not I shall let you know I suppose you'd nearly go to New York to see him as its that way they would go back. in the meantime I hope I shall have a letter from you very soon again and Hoping ye are all well with best wishes to all I remain
Your loving sister

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