Tuesday, November 6, 2012

May 21, 1915

From: May Gleasure, Square, Listowel
To: Frank Gleasure, 36 Litchfield St. Brighton, Mass. U.S.A.

My dear Frank,

I received your most welcomed letter a few weeks ago and was very glad to hear from you once again, we were very sorry to hear you buried another little baby, as you say its very hard to rear young children especially in that country, if they came to the age of two years they could be easier managed, I hope the other little chap is getting on alright.  We are all about the same way here all the time.  business is a bit backward owing to the advane on beer, we come very near being ruined in our business they advanced the beer & spirits again last month but it was taken off again, and it was well that it was as I don't think anybody would pay one shilling for a glass of whiskey or seven pence for a pint of stout, every kind of provision is raised to twice the price it used to be We had the Big May fair here last week it was a very good business day and we done very well.  George is getting on alright at his business you would be surprised all he has learned about it, if he sticks at it for the two years he will be very good but to tell you the truth he has foolish notions sometimes of course you need not meantion it in any of your letters, he fell into company with some town lads early last summer and they did not serve him to well I'm sure, but he has dropped them since and is better without them.  Several young men from Listowel have joined the army including Jack Dowling he has joined with the last month, since he came home he has done nothing only bum around only working for a day or perhaps only for a few hours to get the price of a spree now and again, there are also some fellow from Listowel held as German prisoners one of them is Tom Grogan I think you knew his sister as you mentioned her one time in your letters (Annie Grogan) there are not many corner boys (as we call them) in Listowel now the poor fellows were nearly all knocked out at the front its an awful war and it would be no harm if it came to an end Wasn't the Lusitania crime something awful did you know any of the people that were on it, there were two girls from Ballybunion went down with it Wallis was their name Frank Buckley and his brother and several girls from the town here were to be going back on her the following week they were very glad that they escaped the disaster its very dangerous for anyone to go across now.  What about those papers you said you'd send me I hope you'll send a few when you get this also a few music sheets as you promised.  Have you any Photo's of any of the children we would be very glad to have some of them also of yourself and wife, I have being expecting a letter from her all this time back I hope she'll write soon, I suppose all her time is taken up with the little chap.  and more especially as you are out all day.  I must send you a few Photos the next time I'm writing As I have no more of intrest to write about for this time I will close Hoping this will find you and all quite well.  Annie & George wishes to be remembered to you With all good wishes for the future I remain
Your loving sister

P.S. Hope you will write very soon again and also I hope you won't forget the papers.  Goodbye.

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