Monday, November 5, 2012

February 2, 1915

From: May Gleasure, The Square, Listowel
To: Frank Gleasure, 36 Litchfield St., Brighton, Mass., U.S.A.

My dear Frank

I received your most welcomed letter a few week ago and was so glad at hearing from you once again I am glad to hear that ye are all well over there we are all quite well here at present. The weather here is very bad I don't think it has stopped raining here for the last three months, we've had very little frost this winter, what kind is it over there. You will be kept quite busy now with the two little boys they are very troublesome when they are young, but I hope this little boy will not be as troublesome as the last. Is the other able to walk yet he must be very near it now. I was thinking of sending a little present to him this time back but owing to the war it is not safe to be sending things through the post however I will do it very soon. George is getting on very well at his business his manager likes him so well he wanted to take him to Cork to another Electric Light station he has there but father did not like to let him go so soon, Business is not very good at present in Listowel. the late tax that was put on the beer has spoiled the trade, I'm afraid it will knock out a share of the Lisint houses in Listowel before very long. Do you like to be doing night work I'm sure it would be more dangerous than day work but I suppose you must put up with it for awhile. I hope your wife is quite strong and well again by this you must tell her write to me she has promised to do it this long time, but a person with a young family has not much time for writing letters I'm sure. Do you ever get any newspapers now send me on any old ones if you have them as you know I'm in the shop all day and I would like to have something to read or if you had any old story books, I find the time very long sometimes when I've nothing to do. I hope you'll write more often than you used we always like to hear from you even if it were only a few lines. I hope this letter will find you all doing well I will now close for this time Hoping to hear from you soon again Iremain
Your loving sister

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