Friday, December 7, 2012

October 27, 1919

From: May Gleasure, Cork
To: Frank Gleasure, 36 Litchfield St. Brighton, Mass. U.S.A.

Dear Frank,

I should have answer your letter long before this but from one thing to another I did not have a chance of course I've not as much of my own time now as I had at home.  I was delighted at getting your letter Annie sent it on to me when she got it you can address the answer of this one to her also.  I had a letter from her last Thursday, in which she told me that father had being very ill he had plursey, they had a doctor with him he had to be poulticed she told me at the time of writing that he was out of it but was very weak I have not heard from her this week yet.  Did Annie ever write to you since she got your letter I forgot to ask her in my letters.  As to myself I'm going on alright here in the city I know the place now as well as Listowel, and I like it alright.  I would like to go to America altogether but I wonder would I have any difficulty in getting a pass-port there.  I don't know where father would give me the cost of the road or not.  I never inquired, I'm very sorry I did not try and get out there long ago I'd be better off today.  You never told me whether you would approve of me going there or not in your letter let me know when you are writing again.  I would like if Annie were able to get away with me I know she's longing for the day to go there I hope you'll write to her for Xmas whether she writes to you or not you know she's a very bad corrospondent.  How is the wife and family your little girls must be getting very big now, did any of them go to school yet.  Did I tell you in my last letter that Aunt Kate died in Dublin at Easter, Annie says the old woman at Tullig is very strong all the time she was in to see father when he was sick.  I have nothing more to write about this time Hoping I shall hear from you for Xmas.  No more this time Hoping this finds you all in the best I remain
Your loving sister

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