Thursday, December 20, 2012

December 25, 1923

From: May Baker, The Square, Listowel
To: Frank Gleasure, 232 Parsons St., Brighton, Mass., U.S.A.

My dear Frank,

I am almost ashamed to write to you after my long absence I don't know how the time slips by since I got your letter and never to have answered it since, I suppose you'll be surprised to see my address. I am at home since the 3rd November. as George was getting married they asked me down so they asked me then to stay on until after Xmas. I was very sorry to see by your letter about you being so upset in your home. & that your wife was so ill, it upset me a lot I often think of you since & think what a pity that I am married as if I wasn't I would go out to you about Annie I sent your letter to her when I got so I was asking her about it after I coming down here & she said she did not think she would be able to go to America now as she has got too much into years now anyway Frank. Annie is not a bit too strong she has stuck inside this house for years without as much going outside the door and she gets knocked up very bad with her throat I think she will come to Cork to undergo an operation with it very soon I think the best thing for Annie to do is to settle down in some nice home if she could find a suitable match of course marriage is a very risky business its not all sunshine as you know yourself now you have met with a lot of trouble since you married. but I hope with the New Year now coming on that all your troubles will pass away and things brighten up for you again. Has not your wife any sisters or friends that would help you with the children until such time as your wife will be back again to you, its a pity you can't get a suitable woman to mind them at home for you of course its a terrible expense. George sent you a paper with his marriage in it also a Photograph of himself & wife. Annie gave me a few Photo's to send to you I'm sure you would like to have them they are ones of us all when we were all young. I will send them with this letter. The trouble in this country is about all over now & things are commencing to settle down again some people suffered very much here for past few years. I would very much like to go to America but my husband would never care to go over there. Paddy Dillane sold out the old place in Ballyhennesy. lately its in strange hands now, the grandmother in Tullig died the September after father dying. Adam very seldom goes out now all his children are able to work for him now. & old James Connor Mt Cole is not long for this world either I was out to see him one day since I came down & he is very feeble his son John has the place & is married in it you would find great changes here now if you were here, all young people grown up & all the old folks dead & gone. I hope you will write to me very soon again & tell me how you are getting on. I hope you will have better luck in the new Year now than you had in the past You ought to write to Annie also I'm sure she would like to hear from you With all best wishes from all
Iremain Yours loving sister

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