Wednesday, December 19, 2012

February 4, 1923

From: May Baker, 12 Dunedin, Connaught Avenue, Cork
To: Frank Gleasure, 232 Parsons St., Brighton, Mass., U.S.A.

My dear Frank

I'm sure you'll be very much surprised when you get this letter after such a long absence of letters from me I thought to write you several times but always put it off. I hope that you and family are all well also your wife as I see by one of your letters to Annie where she was very ill I hope she is again again at home with you and quiet well. I'm sure you've often wondered how I was getting on. I'm married here in Cork very near three years now, my husband is in the Motor business we have one little boy and we called him Joseph. my husbands name is Joe also. Poor father did not last very long I regret very much not being able to go and see him before he died, Annie seems to be very unsettled what to do with herself + bird don't seem inclined to settle down and get a house-keeper for himself. I suggested to Annie to look for a suitable person and settle down in a home of her own I think it would be the best thing she could do and she is getting on a little in years and another thing she has never being out much and don't know the ways of the world and what she would have to face, but she always has a fancy for America I should like to go myself if you had wrote to me that time I asked you about going out I should be there now but however there's no good talking now about that time. I expect you see by the papers the way Ireland is so upset, but we have only to hope for peace. How many children have you now I'm sure some of them are getting very big now. I hope you will answer this letter by return and tell me how you are doing all this time back. Hoping this will find you in the best Iremain with best wishes to al Your loving sister

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