Tuesday, December 18, 2012

April 18, 1921

From: Annie Gleasure, Listowel
To: Frank Gleasure, 232 Parsons St., Brighton, Mass., U.S.A.

My Dear Brother,

You no doubt will know when you see this letter that it contains sad news, and I should have wrote before but one thing and another kept me very busy. We buried Father on the 15th of March. He was ailing since Nov. in fact he was never well since he got that plueresy, then his feet got swollen, and was only from one chair to the other all winter, we had an armchair downstairs as he was quite unable to walk upstairs or even to the shop.

The heart was affected too and if he exerted himself in any way he'd loose his breath. The Doctor was attending him since last Oct. but it was all no good. Father knew, and used to say that he wouldn't recover Then he got a severe pain in the left side the morning of the twelfth he said he was done then, we sent out for Adam and he was with us when Father passed away about seven next morning. He knew, and was speaking to us up to the end. We buried him in Kilflyn along side the Grandfather's. May was not here as she is living in Belfast. It's very lonely here now, more especially I find it so, as I don't go out very much. I don't care for this town in fact I never did. George is working the shop all the time, I believe he intends keeping it on. I got your letter you sent at Xmas but put off answering it from time to time in fact I'm no good for answering letters. I hope your wife is better and stronger now, the Winter is so trying on a person that is not in good health. I suppose the children are well, I must close now, and I will surely write a longer letter when you answer this, with love to all I remain Your affectionate sister Annie. 

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