Tuesday, December 4, 2012

July 7, 1918

From: May Gleasure, Square Listowel
To: Frank Gleasure, 36 Litchfield St. Brighton, Mass. U.S.A.

[Opened by Censor 3605]

My dear Frank

Your long expected letter which I received this morning.  I was delighted at hearing from you once again, in fact I was going to send you a post-card today to see if it would find you.  I would have written all this time back but when I did not get an answer to my last three letters I thought you had changed your address, as you spoke of doing in your last letter to me.  We are glad to learn that you and your family are quite well, we are just the same as usual here George being still in Cork he is doing very well up there he is earning for the past few months about L3 pound a week you know that is very good for a young chap like him.  He was at home for Xmas for a week I think he will soon come for his summer holidays again.

As for business here in our line there is more demand than ever for it although its just now three times the price it was in olden days but there's lots of money going round farmers etc. getting big prices for anything they have to sell, but the worst of it is we only get a limited supply of stuff and for a few days of every week we are almost idle.  Food stuffs are very dear and some things very hard to be got.  Taking things all round we have not very much cause for grumbling.  The Tullig people are all well the old woman seldom comes to town now Adam has ten in family.  he has two girls and a boy able to do his farm business now years don't be long slipping by after all.  We have two released prisoners of war here in town by there talk it won't be very long until it will be over they say the Germans are actually starving out there.  I expect you were very glad of your promotion.  I suppose the work will not be as hard on you now as before.  As I've no more to say for this time only that I hope it will not be as long again until you write to me and with best wishes to you and all the family Iremain
Yours loving sister

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